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Rag Recycling


recycling-systemsThis program offers a unique method of cleaning, recovering and reusing oil from wiping rags. Top quality wiping rags are supplied in a 45 gallon drum (approximately 80lbs of rags). EPI will supply two drums; one full  of clean product and one empty. Simply use the clean rags and toss them into the empty drum. When the drum becomes full of dirty rags, EPI will pick it up and deliver a new drum of clean rags.

There is no extra or hidden charges for any missing rags, for recycling, for disposal, for delivery or for pick up in the greater Edmonton area. Outside of Edmonton, we can ship through your provider or provide shipping through ours. Our current rates are $80.00 for a pallet (4 drums) to Calgary or Fort McMurray. For other locations, please call for a quote.











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